- Ioannis. A. Daglis
  University of Athens

- C. Philippe Escoubet
  European Space Agency



Geospace Revisited Poster


Radiation Belts and Ring Current - The Energetic Geospace

Chair: C. Philippe Escoubet

James Van Allen and the quest for the discovery of Radiation Belts: from Mercury to the Heliosphere
Keynote Lecture by Stamatios M. Krimigis
The ring current: Cluster results

Dandouras I.
Ring current development in the strongly compressed magnetosphere

Kalegaev V.V. and N.A. Vlasova
Impact of interplanetary coronal mass ejections on radiation belt dynamics

Katsavrias Ch., I.A. Daglis, M. Georgiou, D.L. Turner, I. Sandberg, G. Balasis and C. Papadimitriou

Chair: Daniel N. Baker

Radiation belts and ring current - the energetic geospace (invited)
Reeves G.D., H.E. Spence, B.A. Larsen, C.A. Kletzing and D.G. Mitchell
Bounce and drift invariants from the rice convection model-equilibrium versus empirical magnetic models: a test of storm-time electron observations by the Van Allen probes

Roeder J.L., C.L. Lemon, M.W. Chen, J.F. Fennell, S.G. Claudepierre, T. Mulligan, J.B. Blake and J.H. Clemmons
Dynamics of relativistic electrons during non-storm times (invited)

Li X., Q. Schiller, L. Blum and A. Jaynes
Inner radiation zone and slot region electron fluxes: Van Allen probes ECT/MagEIS data

Fennell J.F., S. Claudepierre, P. O'Brien, J.B. Blake, J.H. Clemmons, H. Spence, G. Reeves and J.L. Roeder
Relationships between core radiation belt electrons and seed populations

Spence H.E., A.J. Boyd and C.L. Huang

Chair: Ioannis A. Daglis

Van Allen probes observations of wave-particle interactions in the Earth’s radiation belts (invited)
Claudepierre S.G., J.F. Fennell, J.B. Blake, T.P. O'Brien and I.R. Mann
Van Allen probes, NOAA and ground observations of an intense Pc 1 wave event extending 12 hours in MLT

Engebretson M.J., J.L. Posch, J.R. Wygant, C.A. Kletzing, M.R. Lessard, R.B. Horne, G.D. Reeves, A.Y. Ukhorskiy, J.F. Fennell, K. Oksavik and T. Raita
Recent results from the Electric and Magnetic Field Instrument Suite and Integrated Science (EMFISIS) on the Van Allen probes

Kletzing C.A.
Experimental analysis of dispersion relations of EMIC triggered emissions

Grison B., O. Santolik and N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin
Understanding the role of EMIC waves in radiation belt and ring current dynamics: recent advances

Usanova M.E. and I.R. Mann
Losses in the radiation belts caused by EMIC waves

Kersten T., R.B. Horne, N.P. Meredith and S.A. Glauert
Spectral shapes of whistler-mode chorus emissions

Macusova E., O. Santolik, J.S. Pickett, D.A. Gurnett and N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin

Chair: Sebastien Bourdarie

Plasma wave measurements in Earth’s magnetosphere by Juno, Van Allen Probes, and Cluster (invited)

Kurth W.S., G.B. Hospodarsky, S.J. Bolton, D.A. Gurnett, O. Santolik, C.A. Kletzing, R.M. Thorne and J.S. Pickett
ULF waves as a driver of relativistic electrons: pro and con

Pilipenko V.A., O.V. Kozyreva and M.J. Engebretson
The 1, 2, 3 of the Van Allen radiation belts: impacts of dynamics driven by observed ULF wave power

Mann I.R., L.G. Ozeke, K.R. Murphy, S. Claudepierre, D. Turner, I.J. Rae, D.K. Milling, A. Kale, J. Fennell and D.N. Baker
Dependence of radiation belt electron enhancements on the earthward propagation of Pc5 waves during magnetic storms

Georgiou M., I.A. Daglis, E. Zesta, G. Balasis, I.R. Mann, Ch. Katsavrias and K. Tsinganos
ERG satellite project: exploration of the inner magnetosphere (invited)

Asamura K., T. Takashima, Y. Miyoshi, K. Shiokawa, K. Seki, T. Hori, Y. Miyashita, K. Keika, M. Shoji, I. Shinohara, M. Hirahara, N. Higashio, H. Matsumoto, S. Kasahara, T. Mitani, Y. Kazama, Y. Kasaba, A. Matsuoka, H. Kojima, M. Fujimoto, T. Ono, and ERG project group  

Chair: Eamonn J. Daly

Calculating ULF wave power vs. L and time: multi-spacecraft analysis using the Van Allen Probes, THEMIS and GOES

Sarris T.E. and X. Li
An assessment of the quasilinear treatment of equatorial magnetosonic waves

Walker S.N., M.A. Balikhin, K.H. Yearby, N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin and C. Carr
THEMIS observations of a gap in whistler mode chorus emissions inside the source region

Taubenschuss U., O. Santolik, Y. Khotyaintsev, W. Li, A. Vaivads, O. LeContel and J. Bonnell
Investigation of fine structure of chorus wave packets using multicomponent data from Van Allen Probes and multipoint measurements from Cluster spacefleet

Santolik O., W.S. Kurth, G.B. Hospodarsky, J.S. Pickett and C.A. Kletzing

Upstream Transient Phenomena and Their Effects on Geospace

Chair: Stein Haaland

Connecting upstream transient phenomena and their effects on geospace: the major solar eruptions of 7 March 2012 (invited)

Patsourakos S. and the Hellenic National Space Weather Research Network
Long-lived whistler waves in the free solar wind: Cluster observations

Lacombe C., O. Alexandrova, L. Matteini, O. Santolik, N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin, A. Mangeney, Y. de Conchy and M. Maksimovic
A modified hot flow anomaly model produced by IMF current sheet interacting with Earth’s bow shock

Parks G. K., Z. W. Yang, Y. Liu, E. Lee, S. Y. Fu, J. B. Cao, N. Lin, I. Dandouras, H. Reme, P. Canu and M. L. Goldstein

Chair: Arnaud Masson

Observational properties of foreshock cavitons

Kajdic P., X. Blanco-Cano, N. Omidi and B. Lavraud
Altered solar wind - magnetosphere interaction at low Mach numbers (invited)

Lavraud B.
Two-scale nature of electron solitary waves at the dayside magnetopause

Graham D. B., Yu.V. Khotyaintsev, A. Vaivads and M. Andre
Multi-scale analysis of dayside reconnection and future Swarm-Cluster coordination (invited)

Dunlop M.W.

Chair: Ondrej Santolik

Foreshock electron beams and electrostatic waves observed by Cluster

Soucek J., M. Basovnik, A. Tomori, O. Santolik and A. Fazakerley
Interaction of flux transfer events and Kelvin-Helmholtz waves at Earth’s magnetopause

Raeder J., S. Kavosi and K. Germaschewski
Dual-spacecraft reconstruction of a three-dimensional magnetic flux rope at the Earth’s magnetopause

Hasegawa H., B.U.O. Sonnerup, S. Eriksson, T.K.M. Nakamura and H. Kawano
Characteristics of the flank magnetopause: Cluster results

Haaland S., J. Reistad, P. Tenfjord, L.Maes, J. De Keyser, R. Maggiolo, C. Anekallu and N. Dorville
Dawn-dusk asymmetries in the coupled Solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere system (invited)

Walsh A.P., S. Haaland, C. Forsyth, A.M. Keesee, J. Kissinger, K. Li, A. Runov, J. Soucek, B.M. Walsh, S. Wing and M.G.G.T. Taylor
Ion acceleration at the Earth's parallel bow shock: what we can learn from Cluster?

Kis A., M. Scholer, B. Klecker, I. Dandouras, P. Daly, E. Kronberg, I. Lemperger, V. Wesztergom, A. Novak
M4 - a mission candidate for ESA M4

Vaivads A. and M4 team

Chair: Kazuo Shiokawa

Temporal and spatial scales of a high-flux-electron disturbance in the cusp region: Cluster observations

Shi J. K., Z.Y. Zhang, K. Torkar, M. Dunlop, A. Fazakerley, Z.W. Cheng and Z.X. Liu
Effect of solar wind speed and IMF fluctuations on activity indices

Pulkkinen T.I., A. Dimmock, R. Naderpour, A. Osmane and K. Nykyri
Interaction of magnetic clouds with the terrestrial bow shock and implications on their geoeffectivity

Fontaine D., L. Turc and P. Savoini
Long-term analysis of cosmic ray background seen by the RAPID electron detector on Cluster

Daly P.W.
Relativistic (MeV) electron acceleration at geosynchronous orbit during High-Intensity Long-Duration Continuous AE Activity (HILDCAA) events

Hajra R., B.T. Tsurutani and E. Echer

Space-Borne and Ground-Based Remote Sensing of Geospace

Chair: Craig Kletzing

Geospace science with cubesats: present and future

T. Moretto Jørgensen
Storm-time penetration electric fields observed by SWARM and ground-based magnetometers

Bhaskar A. and G. Vichare
Auroral kilometric radiation generation in the neighbourhood of a double layer (invited)

Pottelette R., M. Berthomier and J. Pickett
Ground-based optical and ULF/ELF/VLF wave measurements at subauroral latitudes prepared for the ERG project (invited)

Shiokawa K., C.W. Jun, C. Martinez, N. Sunagawa, Y. Miyoshi, T. Nagatsuma, M. Ishii, M. Ozaki, M. Connors, I. Schofield, P.T. Jayachandran, I. Poddelsky, B. Shevtsov and D. Baishev
Statistical analysis of VLF/ELF emissions at subauroral latitudes in Athabasca, Canada

Martinez C., K. Shiokawa, Y. Miyoshi, M. Ozaki, I. Schofield and M. Connors
ULF wave observations in the topside ionosphere by the Swarm mission

Balasis G., I.A. Daglis, C. Papadimitriou, M. Georgiou and R. Haagmans

Chair: Drew L. Turner

The Dynamic Magnetosphere: Cluster and Ground-Based observations (invited)

Imber S., M. Lester and S.E. Milan

A statistical study of low frequency ULF waves as measured by space-borne and ground-based magnetometers

Papadimitriou C., G. Balasis and I.A. Daglis
Use of the IMAGE ground magnetometer networks ULF wave observations to derive radial diffusion coefficients in the radiation belts

Dimitrakoudis S., G. Balasis, C. Papadimitriou, A. Anastasiadis and I.A. Daglis
Resolving global geospace processes: what ENA imaging can and cannot do (invited)

Brandt P.C., M. Sitnov, E.C. Roelof and D.G. Mitchell
Nitrogen Ion TRacing Observatory (NITRO) concept: a new direction one step from Cluster

Yamauchi M., I. Dandouras and The NITRO proposal team

Transient Processes in the Magnetotail and in the Plasma Sheet

Chair: Harlan E. Spence

Transient processes in the magnetotail as revealed by recent multi-point observations (invited)
Angelopoulos V.
How plasma sheet temperature varies with upstream solar wind conditions and affects substorm intensity.

Forsyth C., C.E.J. Watt, I.J. Rae, A.N. Fazakerley, P. Boakes and R. Nakamura
Energetic Electron Acceleration by Unsteady Magnetic Reconnection (invited)

Fu H.S., Yu.V. Khotyaintsev, A. Vaivads, A. Retino, M. Andre and J.B. Cao
What happens to flow bursts as they propagate towards the Earth? (invited)

Hamrin M., T. Pitkänen, T. Karlsson, H. Nilsson and P. Norqvist
Solar wind magnetosphere coupling during a long sequence of BBFs preceding substorm onset

Palin L., C. Jacquey, M. Connors, H. Opgenoorth, J.-A. Sauvaud and R. Nakamura
Azimuthal velocity shear within an earthward fast flow – further evidence for magnetotail untwisting?

Pitkänen T., M. Hamrin, P. Norqvist, T. Karlsson, H. Nilsson, A. Kullen, S.M. Imber and S.E. Milan

Chair: Jacob Bortnik

Multipoint observations of energetic particle injections from the plasma sheet into the inner magnetosphere

Turner D.L., M. Gkioulidou, A. Ukhorskiy, A. Runov, C. Gabrielse and V. Angelopoulos
Field-Aligned current and electric field observed near the dipolarization front

Fu S.Y., W.J. Sun and G.K. Parks
A tailward-moving current-sheet-normal magnetic-field front followed by an earthward-moving dipolarization front

Hwang K.J., M.L. Goldstein, T.E. Moore, B.M. Walsh, D.G. Baishev, B.M. Shevtsov, K. Yumoto and A.V. Moiseyev
Acceleration and Transport to the Ring Current During a Small Storm

Kistler L.M., C.G. Mouikis, A. Menz, H.E. Spence, D.J. Mitchell, M. Gkioulidou, R.M. Skoug, H.O. Funsten, B.A. Larsen, J.F. Fennell, J.B. Blake and J.L. Roeder
Flow bursts intrusion into the inner magnetosphere and some its consequences (invited)

Sergeev V.A., V. Angelopoulos, J. Birn and R. Nakamura

Chair: Suiyan Fu

On the fine structure of dipolarization fronts

Balikhin M.A., A. Runov, S.N. Walker, I. Dandouras and A. Fazakerley
Cluster multi-point studies of the auroral acceleration region

Marklund G.T.
The transition from asymmetric to symmetric collisionless magnetic reconnection

Hesse M., N. Aunai and M. Kuznetsova

The Role of Cold Plasma in Geospace Dynamics

Chair: Jolene Pickett

Outflow of low-energy ions and the solar cycle (invited)

Andre M., K. Li, A.I.E. Eriksson, H. Nilsson and S. Haaland
The role of low-energy ions in the microphysics of magnetic reconnection

Toledo-Redondo S., A. Vaivads, M. Andre and Y.V. Khotyaintsev
The role of O+ in the near-earth magnetotail dynamics (invited)

Mouikis C.G., L.M. Kistler, Y. Liu, S. Wang and J. Liao
Hot and cold ion outflow, from the ionosphere to the plasma sheet and back (invited)

Nilsson H.
Links between the plasmapause and the radiation belts boundaries as observed by the instruments CIS, RAPID and WHISPER onboard Cluster (invited)

Darrouzet F., V. Pierrard, S. Benck, G. Lointier, J. Cabrera, K. Borremans, N. Ganushkina and J. De Keyser

Chair: Vladimir Kalegaev

Recent progress in understanding the origin of plasmaspheric hiss

Bortnik J., W. Li, L. Chen, R.M. Thorne, V. Angelopoulos, C. Kletzing, W.S. Kurth and G.B. Hospodarsky
A study of the spacecraft potential of Cluster while in active control

Andriopoulou M., R. Nakamura and K. Torkar

Highlights from Cluster, MAARBLE and Van Allen Probes Special Session

Highlights from Cluster, first 3D mission (invited)
Escoubet C.P., A. Masson, H. Laakso, M.G.G.T. Taylor, J. Volpp, D. Sieg, M. Hapgood and M.L. Goldstein
Major results of the MAARBLE FP7-Space project
Daglis I.A., I.R. Mann, S. Bourdarie, Y. Khotyaintsev, O. Santolik, R.B. Horne and D.L. Turner
Findings from the Van Allen Probes mission and the path forward to future understanding regarding Earth’s radiation belts and inner magnetosphere (invited)

Mauk B.H., N.J. Fox, R.L. Kessel, D.G. Sibeck and S.G. Kanekal

Combining Modelling Efforts and in-situ Observations to Better Understand Geospace Dynamics

Chair: Richard B. Horne

Magnetospheric mass and energy transfer: Vlasiator and GUMICS-4 simulation results (invited)

Palmroth M., C.R. Anekallu, H. Hietala, T.V. Laitinen, Y. Kempf, S. Hoilijoki, S. von Alfthan, U. Ganse and R. Vainio
Birth and evolution of magnetosheath mirror modes as seen by the global hybrid-Vlasov simulation Vlasiator

Hoilijoki S., B. Walsh, Y. Kempf, S. von Alfthan, O. Hannuksela and M. Palmroth
Vlasov simulation of the trapping and loss of auroral electrons

Gunell H., L. Andersson, J. De Keyser and I. Mann
Understanding geospace dynamics and the effect of magnetosphere-ionosphere (MI) coupling

Zesta E., G. Khazanov, A. Glocer, L. MacDonald, M.C. Fok, N. Buzulukova and P. Dixon
Modelling Cluster observations of cold ionospheric plasma out outflow in polar cap arcs

De Keyser J., R. Maggiolo, L. Maes and I. Dandouras
Substorm dynamical role in radiation belt particle enhancements (invited)

Baker D.N.
Modeling ultra-relativistic radiation belt electron dynamics during two magnetic storms observed by the Van Allen Probes (invited)

Thorne R.M., W. Li, B. Ni, Q. Ma, J. Bortnik and the EMFISIS and RBSP-ECT Science Teams on the Van Allen Probes

Chair: Georgios Balasis

Ultra-relativistic electrons in the Van Allen radiation belts (invited)

Shprits Y.Y., A. Drozdov, D. Subbotin, A. Kellerman, K.G. Orlova, D.N. Baker and M. Usanova
EnKF-Salammbo data assimilation tool: Progress in the framework of the MAARBLE EU-project

Bourdarie S., V.Maget, D. Lazaro and I. Sandberg
Global model of low frequency chorus (fLHR < f < 0.1fce) from multiple satellite observations

Meredith N.P., R.B. Horne, W. Li, R.M. Thorne and A. Sicard-Piet
Simulating the Earth’s radiation belts with continuous losses to the magnetopause (invited)

Glauert S.A., R.B. Horne and N.P. Meredith
Numerical modelling of ULF waves in a magnetospheric waveguide

Elsden T. and A.N. Wright
First results of simulations of “multi-band structures” in spacecraft observations of inner magnetosphere plasma electrons and ions

Mohan K., A.N. Fazakerley and C.J. Owen
Plasma wave modes observed by Cluster and their possible role in radiation belt dynamics

Pokhotelov D. and I.J. Rae