- Ioannis. A. Daglis
  University of Athens

- C. Philippe Escoubet
  European Space Agency



Geospace Revisited Poster

Sessions and confirmed invited speakers

Keynote Speaker: Stamatios M. Krimigis

1. Radiation Belts and Ring Current – The Energetic Geospace
Seth G. Claudepierre, Iannis Dandouras, Xinlin Li, Geoff Reeves, Takeshi Takashima, William S. Kurth

2. Upstream Transient Phenomena and Their Effects on Geospace
Malcolm W. Dunlop, Benoit Lavraud, Spiros Patsourakos, Andrew Walsh

3. Space-Borne and Ground-Based Remote Sensing of Geospace
Pontus C. Brandt, Mark Lester, Raymond Pottelette, Kazuo Shiokawa

4. Transient Processes in the Magnetotail and in the Plasma Sheet
Vassilis Angelopoulos, Huishan Fu, Maria Hamrin, Victor Sergeev

5. The Role of Cold Plasma in Geospace Dynamics
Mats André, Fabien Darrouzet, Christopher Mouikis, Hans Nilsson

6. Highlights from Cluster, MAARBLE and Van Allen Probes Special Session

7. Combining Modeling Efforts and in-situ Observations to Better Understand Geospace Dynamics
Daniel N. Baker, Sarah Glauert, Minna Palmroth, Yuri Shprits, Richard Thorne

8. M4 Mission Proposal Splinter Session

9. SPeCIMEN Splinter Session

10. Radiation Belt Specification Splinter Session

11. Cluster SWT Meeting

12. Cluster WBD Plasma Wave Investigation Splinter Session

13. NITRO Mission Proposal Splinter Session