- Ioannis. A. Daglis
  University of Athens

- C. Philippe Escoubet
  European Space Agency



Geospace Revisited Poster

Geospace revisited:
a Cluster/MAARBLE/Van Allen Probes


Rhodes (Greece), 15-20 September 2014

The “Geospace Revisited” conference aims at revisiting long-standing issues of geospace dynamic phenomena. New data from space missions like Cluster, THEMIS and the more recent Van Allen Probes, along with measurements from ground-based magnetometer arrays around the globe, processed with new methods and combined with theory and simulations are expected to shed light on the complex interplay of particles, fields and waves in geospace, and in particular the inner magnetosphere (radiation belts and ring current).

“Geospace revisited” will be held at the Rodos Palace Hotel on 15-20 September 2014.


Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations are available here